Rindge Park

This small park is adjacent to and really part of the Reservoir Park. It is located off of Rindge Avenue, and extends from the street to the Reservoir.

a map showing the location of Rindge Park



Hurd Field

This park is on the opposite side of the minuteman trail from Trader Joes and Walgreens. It is also connected to the Reservoir Park. Mill Creek flows between these two parks and flows along their shared border. There is a parking lot for the park located off of Drake Road, which in turn is connected to Massachusetts Ave. You can also walk to the park from the Reservoir. There is a path that crosses a bridge over Mill Creek and brings you to the back of the ballfield.

a map showing the location of Hurd Field

The Res

The Reservoir is better known to most as "the Res." It is located off of Lowell Street, just north of Park Ave and south of Lexington's Busa farm. There is a public parking lot located just off of Lowell Street. The 65 acre park is home to a 28 acre Reservoir.

Ottoson School Ballfields

The Ottoson School is located south of Massachusetts Ave - somewhat behind the Greek Orthodox Church. The school is bordered on one side by Appleton Place. Here there is a fenced grassy area that can be used as a soccer field. Behind the school there is a baseball field, complete with diamond and backstop. You can drive right to the ballfield via Harvard Street and there is a small parking lot located beyond left field. You can also access the park from Quincy street via a walkway but there is not direct driving access to the field or parking lot from there.

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