Ottoson School Ballfields

The Ottoson School is located south of Massachusetts Ave - somewhat behind the Greek Orthodox Church. The school is bordered on one side by Appleton Place. Here there is a fenced grassy area that can be used as a soccer field. Behind the school there is a baseball field, complete with diamond and backstop. You can drive right to the ballfield via Harvard Street and there is a small parking lot located beyond left field. You can also access the park from Quincy street via a walkway but there is not direct driving access to the field or parking lot from there.

You can get walking or driving directions (and potentially find out about public transportation options) to the park by going to this google map, clicking on the push pin found on the map, and then clicking on "get directions" - Ottoson Park.

The ballfield is open for public use although any use of the field by an organized group must be granted approval by the town of Arlington.


  • hours - 5 am to 9 pm
  • permits can be obtained by calling 781-316-3880
  • use of the field is prohibited during foul weather or when the field is soft or muddy
  • no alcohol allowed on the park or school property

At the back of the ballfield is a multi acre wooded lot that is bounded by Oakland Ave, Gray St and a few small sidestreets off of Quincy St. There is a walking path that leads from the corner of Gray Street and Oakland Ave that connects to a set of stairs that are at the edge of Ottoson ballfield's right field.


Pictures and More Information

the Ottoson Middle School

A view of the school.


soccer field

The Ottoson School soccer field.


school road entrance

Harvard Street entrance to the school. The baseball field is on the right side of this road.


baseball field

Looking towards the ballfield backstop from the corner of the parking area.


another view of the baseball field

A larger view of the field with the parking area in the foreground. Although not visible in the photo, stairs that lead up to the woodlot at the back of the field are located in the back corner of right field.


the school and walkway

The walkway leading from Benjamin Ave to the back of the school and the ballfield.


woodlot path

An early spring view of the woodlot behind the Ottoson School. This photo was taken near the Gray Street and Oakland Ave entrance to this path.


For a list of all the parks in town please visit the town website.