Jade Garden

Location: 1360 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington Heights
Phone: 781-648-8882

The Jade Garden serves lunch and dinner. You can order items from the large number of choices on their menu or eat from a buffett.

the store front

The Jade Garden occupies both the signed section of the building to the left and the windowed section next to this on the right.


Capri Pizza

Location: 1323 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington Heights

Phone: 781-646-5440

Capri Pizza serves pizza, subs and some other Italian and Greek foods. This pizza parlor has been a staple of the Heights for close to twenty years. It was originally called Charlies but has since been taken over by the current owner, an affable Greek gentleman that makes some great pizza.

Capri Pizza shop front


Location: 1328 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington Heights

Phone: 781-648-9892

Brigham's serves standard American ice cream parlor fare for lunch or dinner that includes hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and wraps. They also serve breakfast.

The fully stocked ice cream counter features their own varieties of Brigham's ice cream. There are both traditional ice cream flavors and some special New England concoctions.

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